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The Website and its corresponding Newsletter are produced by Faithful Servant LLC. The company is a father and son venture that provides model stock portfolios a Christian need not be embarrassed to own. It is our hope that these model portfolios, based on the sound principles of value investing, will equal or exceed performance of the stock market as a whole or its sector as measured by leading benchmarks. The younger member, who authors The Christian Value Investor (TCVI) was the Assistant Director of a Christian College Library for 15 years before relocating geographically and is currently teaching History in a public school. He has earned Masters degrees in History, Library Science, and Business Administration. Dad, who serves as Business Manager of Faithful Servant LLC, has a Masters in Management and, following retirement from the US Air Force, served 15 years in County Government as Deputy Commissioner for Social Services with responsibility for an annual spending program of more than $100 Million and a 200 employee workforce.


The Newsletter�s Mission Statement says: �The Christian Value Investor will provide its subscribers with model stock portfolios that simultaneously embody distinctively Christian values (by avoiding �sin stocks�) and the time-tested tenets of value investing, thereby providing a Christian, value-investing alternative in a sea of secular investment newsletters.�


Value Investing, of course, is the body of investment principles articulated by Benjamin Graham (1894-1976), a professor at Columbia�s Business School who is often called the father of value investing. Warren Buffett studied under the professor at Columbia and later worked for his small investment firm from 1954 to 1956. A Wikipedia article states: �Ben Graham�s book, The Intelligent Investor, was Warren Buffett�s bible and he referred to it as 'the greatest book on investing ever written.'�


Numerous successful mutual funds are managed by others who embrace this investment strategy, and because equaling their return would take considerable time and effort to research the market�s offerings, most casual investors who simply want their IRA, 401K or other retirement vehicle to grow on a hands-off basis, choose to go this route. From a purely economic standpoint, it is not a bad choice.


For the Christian, however, there is a serious downside to this approach inasmuch as evaluating stock picks exclusively on a quantifiable basis will necessarily yield some whose business is abhorrent to their values. The so-called �sin stocks,� including tobacco, alcohol, gambling casinos, pornography, etc. are big business in a secular world. Finding one at a bargain price may turn a handsome profit over time, but will come woefully short of �laying up treasure in heaven� (Matthew 6:19-21). The Christian believes not only should his portfolio work as hard as he does, but it should also not hinder the work of God�s Kingdom.


What would Jesus think about your investments? If yours are in a mutual fund, unless you have read its prospectus diligently and then studied abstracts of its various holdings, you probably have little idea of what enterprises your investment contributions are strengthening. If you object to one or more of its 200 or more holdings, would you rather rationalize that it is too small a portion of your indirect holdings to matter? Considering that Jesus said God keeps track of every sparrow and knows even the number of hairs on our head (Luke 12:6-7), we know that He also cares about the details of our lives. Thus The Christian Value Investor will strive to fill this niche, providing model stock portfolios you need not be embarrassed to own, without abandoning a profitability goal at the same time.


Our portfolios contain only stocks that are listed on American Exchanges. There are several Canadian firms that have appeared in many of our portfolios, but they are listed on the New York Stock Exchange as well as the Toronto Exchange. Thus we target our publications on the United States and Canadian audiences, but will accept readers from anywhere if they can receive their issues via e-mail. E-mail of the Newsletter as a PDF file is the primary means of distribution. New subscribers will receive the latest edition at once. Quarterly editions of the Value and Utility Newsletters are e-mailed just prior to the first day of January, April, July, and October and identified by the traditional calendar quarter titles of Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. The Christian Transportation Investor Newsletters use the same Quarterly designations, but are published one month earlier. Initial subscriptions ordered in the second half of a quarter will receive the latest edition and the following four editions for the annual price. Should any problem arise with electronic delivery, a paper copy can be delivered through the United States Postal Service at extra cost.

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