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The Christian Value Investor  Annual Subscription
The Christian Value Investor Annual Subscription
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The Christian Value Investor (TCVI) is the Flagship Newsletter in a three publication family of newsletters that seek to provide model portfolios that Christians can embrace without having to abandon profitability goals. TCVI and its sister publications all search out stocks that meet our value criteria primarily from mid-cap and large-cap companies. Whereas The Christian Value Investor draws upon the entire market for its choices, the sister publications are focused on the particular market segments included in their titles: Utility and Transportation.


Christians strive to do everything they practice in a proper way. They plan for the future. They try not to offend their brother or become dependent on him, so you probably have a small investment portfolio in your IRA, your 401k or a brokerage account. Gambling is not part of your value system, so you shy from speculative stocks.

Value Investing better matches your own personal values. It is the name given a body of investment principles articulated by Benjamin Graham (1894-1976), a professor at Columbia University's Business School and has many prominent devotees including that famous investor, Warren Buffett. Christian Value Investing takes us one step closer to practicing what we preach.

Like many of your brothers and sisters, you are likely too busy with your primary occupation to spend the amount of time necessary to master a particular investment strategy. Mutual Funds are the common answer to this problem, and there are numerous successful ones that embrace the value investing strategy. Their choice is not bad from a purely economic standpoint.


The Christian, however, believes not only should his portfolio work as hard as he does, but it should also not hinder the work of Godís Kingdom. Most casual investors have only the vaguest idea of what activities are undertaken by the holdings of their mutual fund. On close examination, your mutual fund may be investing in tobacco, alcohol, gambling, or even worse things you wouldnít want to have succeeding. Each edition of The Christian Value Investor provides a model portfolio of twenty-five stocks that a Christian need not be ashamed to own, that in our opinion, are likely to perform as well or better than the stock market as a whole.

Your one year subscription will start with the most recent quarterly edition, with a new edition at the start of each calendar quarter. If you place your order in the second half of a quarter, you will get the current edition as well as those for the next four quarters (five issues for the price of four).

You can read more about the Newsletter on the pages called "About Us" and "Results". Subscribe today and feel as good about what your portfolio is doing as you do about what itís worth.